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Hey there! I'm Star, nice to meet you. I am now 22 and THIS MEANS ANARCHY!

Feel free to talk to me - including when you're down. I try to help and listen. This is a safe zone, no hate.

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geminis are very social people but extremely reticent about who they let into their lives. they are possibly one of the most intimately reserved signs of the zodiac. when they get talking about a topic of fascination, and the light bulb illuminates their mercury eyes, then this is gemini love, and if you are the topic of that conversation, then it’s you they love



i tried to draw a nice spring picture but i cant shade for my life bla h 




Milt Kahl’s pencil animation for Robin Hood - via

In my opinion Milt Kahl was one of the brightest and most creative talents in traditional animation. Everything he touched was golden!

Was having fun seeing what works of his are on Tumblr. There’s a lot of great stuff up here if you search his name!



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